Your Goals in a Backgammon Game

The instance you decide to play, there will be a lot of Backgammon strategy and tactics that you will realize you have to learn. One of the most critical, however, especially for a beginner, is knowing how to set up goals.

The first thing that your Backgammon strategy has to consider is being a race to bear off pieces, it is important that you make certain that your checkers are able to move around freely. You can do this by trapping your opponents, and often, this can be done with primes.

A prime is simply a series of checkers, four to six, aligned in a way that will trap your opponent's checkers. Trapping them will help you move your pieces more easily. When setting up your primes, try to get at least four checkers in place. The ideal number is six, but four or five will do for most occasions.

Of course, an alternative Backgammon strategy would be to attack your opponent. If you are able to send one of his checkers on the bar, that will immobilize him. As long as he does not get the proper roll, he will not be able to move his pieces and you should take advantage of this opportunity to move your men about the board.

You should aim to distribute your pieces widely. The more evenly spaced they are, the less pip count you will render to waste. Part of your Backgammon strategy should also include trying to move the two farthest checkers in as quickly as possible. If the situation is right, you should try to use your big dice rolls to get these pieces moving.

However, your priority should be to get your Backgammon checkers closest to the home board over there. You will not want to leave any checkers behind, but if you have the lead, try to get as many on home, then you can concentrate on trying to get those Backgammon checkers farther behind in as well. Also, if things go south, having a few in the back can help you in case you need to resort to a back game.

Playing Backgammon involves more than just trying to run all your checkers to your home board as quickly possible. That is part of the plan, but before you get there you need to set up targets and objectives. Knowing how to set them up and achieve them will make it easier for you to take control of the game later on.