Quality Backgammon Sets Only in the USA

We all know that the USA is a great provider of raw materials, service, and games. The latter one is of more importance to us than the other once. We simply love to play backgammon and it is clearly one of the oldest and most entertaining board games there is. With over thousands of backgammon clubs in the different states, the USA holds probably the greatest number of backgammon players in the entire world.

In order to even be able to play backgammon, you need to be able to have a backgammon set. And that is definitely no problem in the USA with the number of players. There are although certain things you need to know before you run off to your local gambling store to get yourself a backgammon set.

There are many different materials a backgammon set can be made of, so be sure what exactly you want before going to the store. Sometimes, the object of your desire might not be in a regular store so you should try looking for your backgammon set online. Many stores in the USA have a wide variety and if you are not looking for an ivory backgammon set, then you are most likely to find what you are looking for.

Make yourself a checklist before searching. What kind of board do you want? Wood, Velour, or something more fancy? Is it available in the USA? Should you check Africa instead? Which color should your set be? Black and red or black and beige, or even green? Which material should your checkers and dice be made of? Simple wood or rather ceramic? All these questions need to be answered before jumping ahead. If you are a very obsessive compulsive person, you might also want to decide on the details of your set this early on before getting too upset or disappointed later on.

Many stores in the USA also have their leather backgammon sets which are also made in the USA respectively. The leather backgammon sets on the other hand are also quite pricy, (which is nothing compared to the ivory sets) and may range from $100 to $400. The wooden sets are quite cheaper and the cheapest one could even be below $50. Most of the sets are rather expensive though because most of them are handmade.

If your local store really does not have your desired se then you might want to check out gammoncity.com or gammonvillage.com. Another good provider is Amazon.com. All of the mentioned offer genuine leather and neatly fabricated backgammon sets, which will give you a longer lasting game experience.