intro to Backgammon

One of the most popular board games worldwide is backgammon. This is typically played indoors but you can also play it outdoors. It is a good game for people that are quick-thinking. The chance of winning depends on your opponent's ability. The history of backgammon can be traced back around 5000 years ago. Although called many names throughout history, the term backgammon was obtained from England where the game was modified to just about its current status today.

Backgammon consists of two players that take part in the game. Each player is given 15 checkers to be placed on a board. A die is rolled by the players to begin the game and the player with the highest number starts first using his rolled die. After that players exchange turns by rolling the dice and moving their checkers towards home.

The objective to win is to remove your checkers off the board before your opponent. The checkers can be hit or obstructed during the game. There are cases that a checker lands on a position where it is taken by the opponent if the checker is on a mark alone and vulnerable. The opponent's checker is then positioned at the center of the board and upon re-entry start from the beginning again towards home.

Backgammon, although ruled by chance because of the dice involved, also requires planning because the game has a considerable hit and miss feature. You can decide on several strategies to move your checkers and prepare to use different techniques in an effort to gain an advantage during game play.

It is not difficult to play backgammon but becoming an expert will take some study and time as well as practice. It has easy set of rules that is surprising for this well-off and motivating game, however many different strategies can be employed.

There are many varients of backgammon like Acey-deucey, Hypergammon and Nackgammon. Then there is the popular variant of backgammon that can consist of three or more players called Chouette.

Nowadays, backgammon can be played everyday and everywhere by means of the Internet. These types can be played on your computer. A number of them are downloadable on the Internet and are free of charge. Other versions can spot mistakes during the game and examine good moves, many of these however need to be purchased.

Through online gaming, backgammon can be a good way for meeting friends. This can also improve your skills in playing the game. Lots of backgammon lovers gather around the globe through the Internet. In this way, you can have fun while playing the game or simply observe and be taught by other players.

Playing constantly will advance your game play. Further research and study can help you learn more about the game and truly start to master it. Backgammon, similar to chess, is being examined by programmers and these computer-generated programs have the capability to defeat outstanding individual players.

So as you can see, backgammon is a dynamic game and one that every gambling enthusiast should give a try.