Factors that Affect Your Backgammon Game

In the game of backgammon, there are several factors that must be learn so as to enjoy more the game and win. Here are some of the most important backgammon factors to consider ;

1. Your Opponent - Your opponents vary in their skills and levels of play . This is one of the important factors in backgammon . There are opponents that have problems in playing with a player of splitting style, while there also some opponents who are not at ease playing against slotting and building games. With this, you should create different opening plays from time to time.

2. The backgammon match - This is the first among the factors of backgammon that should be realized. The basic key into this strategy is for the player who gets it ahead on the match, to be able to avoid gammonish positions to keep his opponent away from more cube leverage. So, he aims for races or mutual holding games, so that creating an anchor in advance is his utmost goal than the usual.

However, players who are behind will aim for the swinger gammonish positions. Take for example player A is 2 away, 4 away and the opening roll is 4-3. Player A should not take 13/10, 13/9. Instead, he must adopt a splitting plays so as to get to his advanced anchor and try to go on a mutual holding game in order to use normally his cube. Somehow if Player B wins the opening roll of 4-3, then he must take on 13/10, 13/9. Hence it will be hard for player A to split the back men, so that he will be required to bring down builders in defense. The game then tends to favor the side of player B.

3. Your Game - Last but not the least of the backgammon factors to consider is your preference in the type of game you are comfortable to play at. Actually there is not much descripancies among the different manner you will play the opening rolls, so just go on with what you prefer to play . You may also try out other kind of plays to widen your learning skills. A good factor in backgammon is to experiment . Do not stay with only one style of game. Explore other avenues . By doing so you will soon discover other options and from the single style of play might generate several types of positions.