Backgammon for the Clueless Folk

Backgammon is a game that is very easy to learn, with the main objective of the game involving the bearing off of a player's checkers or pieces. It is essential when playing the game, to be able to know the fundamental requirements, procedures or rules, and scoring in the game.

In Backgammon, whether in real life or online, simple rules are prevalent as the game would only require two players wherein both of the players may have the same opportunities to be able to make a first move no matter what their checkers colors are, or what side of the board they are in. The backgammon board may vary depending on the variation and what materials are used. It may also come in various sizes as some may be huge, expensive and customized boards, while others may be simple traveler type boards that one can fit into his small suitcase. Majority of the backgammon boards may be folded in half where one can keep checkers, cups and dice inside the board. It is certainly a space-saving feature. Oftentimes, there exists thirty round shaped checkers, half of which are a different color from the other.

The modern backgammon game usually makes use of what they would call, a doubling cube, which is a big die that contains the number two, four, eight, sixteen, thirty two, and sixty four on six of its sides. The said die is required in order to be able to monitor the units or numbers of points that are at stake in the match. The board is usually divided into four squares that has six points each, and are composed of triangles in both black and white color that alternate each other accordingly.

There exists the bar which is the high section on the board which divides every player's inner board or home board and outer board. The checker is placed on the bar when it is hit by the other player's checker and cannot be re-entered into an opponent's home board until the succeeding roll. The player's move their pieces or checkers from their own respective home boards or inner boards, all the way to the home board of the other player via the outer boards. And the victor of the game is the player that has born off all of his checkers. Players may only bear off their checkers if all their checkers are in the home board.

The game is pretty simple and easy to learn. So why not have a go as one may even enjoy it so much that he gets hooked into it!