Backgammon is a traditional board game which has been played since the Persian Empire's heyday, according to testimonies found in what is today known as the Middle East. A long way from its roots of being played with pebbles, backgammon games have gone online and it is now possible to play online backgammon anywhere and anytime from virtually any internet casino site.

Classifying backgammon is a bit dubious. Backgammon enthusiasts rightfully claim it's more than a game of chance - backgammon is also a strategy game, the same as other board games like checkers and chess.

To experience the lure of backgammon, browse our contents to find how to play online backgammon. Not only we provide you with the rules to backgammon games, but also its main strategies.

There is a certain level of skill required to play online backgammon. You need to know about backgammon's winning strategies and also to have a knowledge of probability if you want to become a master in the game of backgammon.

Before you start to play online backgammon you should also check out the available variants. Our backgammon casino rooms feature several backgammon board varieties, each with its own specific strategies, level of kill and, of course, a different payout.

If you're looking for the best casino to play online backgammon, check out our game reviews, the probabilities and payout prizes proposed, as well as the free game and welcome bonus offers so you can start to play online backgammon games in no time.

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